Some References

“Homage an Kaiser Franz” by R.O.Schabbach

Some insights in an (older) performance realized for the German football cesar “Kaiser Franz” – Franz Beckenbauer. Watch this video to get some first impressions…


Featured Work

Sparkling Tree

Stuttgart, Germany


Munich, Germany

Grimm’s Castle


Fishing Pool

Palm Springs

Sherri’s Performance

St. Petersburg

Day Cruiser with ROSchabbach

Venice Beach


World Records / R.O.Schabbach

  • First World Record Monument for Peace “Lichtdorf, Love & Light for World Peace” I
  • 115 buildings, 3D Light Art Installation / Morbach, Germany
  • Second World Record Monument for Peace “Symphony of Colours” I 1502 meters in length & up to 4 stories high of buildings as a monolithic 3D Light Art Installation I Bad Bertrich, Germany
  • Third World Record Monument for Peace / “Love & Light for World Peace with a Flame of Peace” / Light Art Installation on the tallest bridge of its kind in Europe, Hochmosel Bridge, Germany / officially registered with > 160 meters in height

National & International Outstanding Accomplished Projects

  • “Visionaries of Symphony of Colours” 625sqm of permanent Light Art & Sculptural installation / Bavaria, Germany
  • “The Visionaries of Knowledge” ca. 16m x 3m x 80m, Plexiglas & Stone sculptural ensemble / Bernkastel-Kues, Germany
  • “Im Fluss der Zeit” 3 tons, 11 meters tall tableau installation / Morbach, Germany
  • “People in Networks” 2 tons, large scale painting / Palm Beach, USA
  • “Process of Developing” Light Art & Sculptural installation / Athens, Greece
  • “Symphony of Colours” Light Art Installation / Mgarr, Malta
  • “Prozess der Entstehung II” Light Art Performance & Sculptural Installation / Paradise Island, Bahamas
  • “Dance of Colours” Interactive Light Art installation / Paris, France

International Monumental light Art Installation Projects in Process

  • The Great Wall / China, Taj Mahal / India, The Red Square / Moscow, The Pyramids & Great Sphinx of Giza / Egypt, The Wailing Wall of Jerusalem / Israel, The St. Peter’s Square / Vatican, The Ancient City of Timbuktu / Mali, and many more in Stockholm / Sweden, Vienna / Austria, Australia, Oman, Jordan, Aleppo / Syria , etc.
  • “Love & Light for World Peace” / 100,000 m’ Permanent Light Art Installation projects on five continents

Qualifications & Ultra Short CV

  • Graduated with a professional training as a goldsmith, Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Professional training as a graphic designer, Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Leader of Peter Bunting Graphic Design Studio in Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts Tiflis / Federal Republic of Georgia
  • Professionally registered as an artist since 1991 in Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Honourable member of the Artist Union of the Federal Republic of Georgia
  • Founder of “AvantgArtismus” Art Performance Group, Dusseldorf, Germany
  • Leader of Artist Group “Kunst im Hafen” (“Art in Habour”) (>800 Members), Dusseldorf, Germany

Areas of Expertise

  • Large Scale Sculptures & Paintings
  • Live Art Performance
  • Monumental Light Art Installations


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